rasha lama

I create because I think a bit too much beyond capacity, where thoughts must explore themselves in materials and forms beyond intuition and reason.

I am based in Montréal with occasional runs to New York City for matters of the mind. I am a recent McGill University graduate who has found a calling in poetry that is lived. That is to say that I have played with dirt, plants, books, ink, paper, and words enough so to have deferred my entry to RISD’s three-year Master of Landscape Architecture program. In the meantime, I give my role as an honest human being to a living organism by the name of Studio Gaia, a globally renowned interior design firm based in New York City.

Beyond, I write. It is a vocation, as in I have no choice but to write. Perhaps due to the overthinking, over observing, but also the strange feeling of foreign eyes wherever I am. To expand, I come from mixed Arab roots. I am majority Palestinian, with both sides fleeing to Jordan during both ‘48 & ‘67 wars. With a German oma and Armenian teta, I grew up in the train station of Abu Dhabi and the suburbia of Toronto, and yet found my first home in Montréal. Therefore, I am lost more than just in thoughts; but in the very least, I have signed a lease in Montréal with a shelf of my copious black-bound Moleskines that have been home for 7 years. It is here that I shall be for a little while, to walk the streets, read in parks, and create in my very home of creaky floors and slanted doors.

a picture of me in the mountains of quebec