rasha lama

hello, i'm rasha & i'm currently
- researching the Canadian Treeplanting Culture™ niche;
- writing SPECIAL DELIVERY, a newsletter on substack;
- pursuing my Master of Landscape Architecture @ RISD.

latest news:
my piece "A Sweater" won Fugue Journal's 2024 Prose Contest!

“The sweater we all desire is a garment that will allow us to travel through time and space to a place in which contingency and untranslatability dissolve. This is the knitwear that makes time run backward, until we meet our grandparents as children and understand the luck that permitted them to survive. [...] We do not buy a sweater, as in this incredible, beautifully brief story.

- Lucy Ives, author of Life Is Everywhere & Professor of Literary Arts at Brown University

a picture of me in lisboa at the cafe with great grape juice